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the project for the construction of the new pfösl hotel in nova ponente becomes an opportunity to propose an intervention in which architecture and nature can coexist within a single system, balanced and harmonious. the project site, strongly characterized by the alpine landscape, suggests a design approach that prefigures the new building as an integral part of the place. give identity to a place by proposing a place. this is the objective that the project tries to pursue, asking itself an elementary question on the identity of the project site. to characterize the project from the compositional point of view there is the new façade of the hotel, characterized by a reticular structure, which finds in the intermediate space of the references with the alpine architecture and specifically with the architectures close to the new project on the site: same cracteristics but different materials and more recent technologies. a new structure inspired by tradition and pre-existences. the wooden structure, thanks to the long beams and the cantilever of the pool, become elements of expansion of the original architecture, through a horizontal and silent growth. the existing volume is therefore incorporated into a new volume that establishes with the first, material and formal continuity. the new hotel pool with its 8-meter overhang allows visitors to immerse themselves in the surrounding landscape, an architecture suspended between sky and earth. the new dependance, structured as a long wing in concrete made of wood niches and recesses, extends from the existing building and then folds, articulate itself in height between the different level curves of the ground, embracing completely the landscape. the green mantle that distinguishes the alpine territory finds continuity above the rooftop making the new intervention perfectly integrated into the landscape. the group of three chalets, autonomous structures compared to the hotel complex, are presented as small wooden constructions supported by concrete partitions in order to allow the separation from the ground. these small volumes transmit lightness and through dark wood tending almost to black, they blend into the backdrop of the forest. a panoramic and quiet position to enjoy the relaxation of nature from the terrace, immersed in its own pool, with eyes focused on the mountains. the existing hayloft is brought back to its essence, restored and renewed, becoming a key element, the nerve center of the complex for its forms and its materials. https://www.theplan.it/eng/project_shortlist/1516https://www.theplan.it/eng/project_shortlist/1516
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