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Hiking Recommendations

530 km of trekking trails and walking paths of all degrees of difficulty can be found between Rosengarten and Latemar.
Ideal for a wonderful holiday in the Dolomites!

Planet Path

This 1:1 Billion scale model of our solar System gives visitors the Chance to walk from Mercury to Pluto in just a few hours

Distance: 9,1 km - Duration: 2:15 hours
Vertical climb: 230 m - max. Height: 1425 m
Starting Point: Astronomic observatory
Arrival Point: Astronomic observatory
Parking: Astronomic observatory

Astronomic observatory, Unteregger Inn (1315m) - path n. 5 - Vajolet Inn - Biotop - path n. 3 - Lärchenwald Inn (1350m) - path n. 1 - Schenken car park (1300m) - path n. 3, 5A - Moser Pond - path n. 5 - Tschigghof farm (1332m) - observatory

Rosengarten – Hirzlweg

Paolina refuge - "Hirzl-Weg" - Rosengarten refuge - path 549 - Paolina refuge

Duration of walk: 3-4 hours - Difficulty: a walk of medium difficulty
Take the chairlift to the Paolina refuge, from where follow the „Hirzl – Weg“ until you reach the Rosengarten refuge. This is the ideal place to get some refreshments. On the way back, follow pathway 549 until you reach the monument of Christomannos and then return to the Paolina refuge. The return journey on foot through the meadows is also delightful.

Duration of walk: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: a walk of medium difficulty

Rosengarten - Vaiolonpass

Karerpass - Paolina refuge - Vaiolonpass - Rotwandhütte - Paolina refuge - Karerpass

Duration of walk: 5 hours - Difficulty: no vertigo sufferers, confident walkers, a medium difficult walk
From the Karerpass the chairlift takes you up to an altitude of 125 m to the Paolina refuge, from where the fairly demanding uphill climb to the Vaiolonpass starts, with a short via ferrata. A narrow path takes you to the pass to the „Roda di Fael“ refuge (Rotwandhütte), from where you can decide whether to return comfortably to the Paolina refuge or directly to the Karerpass.

Duration of walk: 5 hours
Difficulty: no vertigo sufferers, confident walkers, a medium difficult walk


These climbing path leads across the north grade to Rotwand peak, the main summit of the southern group of The Rosengarten group (2608 m).

Starting point:
Paolina cabin (2125 m) variant: Descent to the Rotwand cabin (secured climb) or below the Fensterleturms, continuation of the Masarè climbing path and then back to the Paolina cabin.
Marking: No. 539
Degree of difficulty: Medium, only with proper equipment.

Sagenwalk Karersee

Distance: 11,1km - Duration: 3:00 hours
Vertical climb: 160 m - max. height: 1826 m
A beautiful mermaid lived once in this lake. One day the wizard heard the singing of Masaré and felt in love with her. He did everything to win her heart, but he was never successfull. For this reason, he asked the witch Langwerda for help. She gave him the advice to Dress up a jewel Trader and make a rainbow from Rosengarten until the Latemar to attract the mermaid. Then he should go to the lake Karer and abduct Masaré. The wizard did everything she said, but he forgot to Dress up as a jewel Trader. Masaré admired the rainbow and the glisters of the jewels, but in the Minute, she saw the wizard she dived into the lake again. Since tht time, she was never seen again. Because of his huge heartsickness, the wizard broke the rainbow, jewels in many Little pieces and Drops them into the lake. Since this time, the lake Karer glimmers in all Colors of the Rainbow.

This hike brings you from the Passo Costalunga on trail n. 21 trough the Karerforest to the Mitterleger (1840m) on the crossroad take trail n. 11 to reach the Karer Lake. The hike brings you further to trail n. 10a and n. 7 to Nova Levante.

Santner Pass

This Climbing path leads to the middle of the Rosengarten.

Starting point: Rosengarten Cabin (formerly Kölner cabin - 2339 m). After approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours, you reach the Santner Pass cabin (2734 m). Either on the way there or on the way back, you cross climbing path No. 542 over the Gartl cabin to the Vajolet cabin, then further to paths No. 541 and No. 550 over the Tschagerjoch back to the Rosengarten cabin.

Marking: No. 542 s
Degree of difficulty: medium to advanced, only with climbing equipment.

St. Agatha church

Hotel Pfösl - Sportcenter - Haus Brunner - St. Agatha - Plattenbodenweg - Hotel Pfösl

ca. 12 km - 5,5 hours
Saint Agatha is a Gothic forest chapel from 15. Cent. on a primeval settled and wooded hill with nice round view. The wandering is very nice and leads by meadows and woods with little height difference.

Length 12 km
Duration of walk 5,5 hours
Degree of difficulty: easy

St. Helena Church

Sanctuary with gothic frescos (15. century), charming Location, panoramic view, key to pick up at the Kreuzhof nearby. Accessible also by car

Distance: 3,8 km - Duration: 1:30 hours
Vertical climb: 60 m - Max. height: 1440 mt
Starting Point: Hotel Pfösl, Nova Ponente
Arrival Point: Hotel Pfösl, Nova Ponente

Different walking trails:

a) From Hotel Pfösl, the second trail on the left side up trough grassland and forests.

b) From Hotel Pfösl along the sidewalk till Café Luise, after the traffic Island turn left to a walking trail (6A,H), after 300 meters turn right (H), after the farm houses continue the trail on the left side up to the hill

c) From Hotel Pfösl cross the main street, first trail down on the left side (6), after 1 km take the right side on the Schlernblick house (beautiful viewpoint), continue right (P). On the Weißbamer Hof up to the right side again.

d) From the Moserhöfen (parking area) trail through grassland, after 500m take left on the barrier (H).

The beautiful Labyrinth Trail

Hiking across a bizarre rocky desert...

This trail leads through a maze of boulders and rock beneath the Latemar Range.
This hike is especially exciting for children. Accessible via a forest road from Passo Costalunga/Karerpass

Distance: 8,4 km - Duration: 3:30 hours
Vertical climb: 220 m - max. height: 1905 m
Starting Point: Passo Costalunga (Karerpass)
Arrival Point: Passo Costalunga (Karerpass)
Parking: Rosengarten Hotel, Passo Costalunga

At Passo di Costalunga (Karerpass), follow Trail M21, across the street from the Hotel Rosengarten.
At the first fork, turn right and cross a Meadow towards the Woods. The trail descends slightly at first then turns into a forest road that leads almost flat to the next crossroads.
Here, turn left for a shortcut up the hill, marked M13, then continue on Trail n. 21 which again turns into a forest road and eventually reaches a Clearing. Continue on the trail that leads down and through the Woods.
At 1750m, it crosses trail n. 18 coming up from the Lago di Carezza Hotel. Stay on trail n. 21, and follow the signs to Mitterleger (30 minutes). Mitterleger Alm (1839 m) is located in the middle of a beautiful montain Meadow and is usually closed. There are benches and tables where you can take a short break, though. Trail n. 21 would take you straight to Obereggen in about 2 hours. Instead, follwo trail n. M20, also signposted Labyrinthsteig, east towards the majestic Towers and crags of Latemar Mountain. At around 1850 metres, the trail passes the tree line and offers a magnificent view of the Catinaccio (Rosengarten) Massif. The path continues east, winding trough a maze of small and large boulders: you might sometimes even have to use your Hands to climb over them. The trail is well marked with White and red paint. For the last section of the circular walk take trail n. 18; at around 1750 metres, it meets trail n. 21, which that takes you back to the starting Point.

The extraordinary Bletterbach gorge (Plateau)

Lahner di Aldino shepherd’s hut - forest trail - canyon - waterfall - Lahner di Aldino shepherd’s hut

8 km - 3,5 hours
The history of the Dolomites began around 250 million years ago, when the volcanoes covered this area with lava. You can relive this history by visiting the Bletterbach gorge. First of all, you have to make a 20 minute car journey to the Lahner di Aldino shepherd’s hut. Your adventure starts on the upper forest trail. Walk down to the slope of the canyon. Then continue upwards along the Bletterbach stream until you reach the waterfall, whose waters fall into what was once the vent of the volcano. Climb back up again using the convenient steps and return to the Lahner hut passing through the woods.

Length: 8 km
Duration of walk: around 3,5 hours
Degree of difficulty: between medium and easy, but certainly worth it!

The Templweg Trail

Water, forest and Vista...
A great hike for the whole Family at the Elevation of Nova Levanta (Welschnofen) in the area near the Catinaccio (Rosengarten) and Latemar Massifs

Distance: 9,5 km - Duration: 3.00 hours
Vertical climb: 350 m - max. height: 1554 m
Starting Point: Lago di Carezza (Karer See) Lake
Arrival Point: Lago di Carezza (Karer See) Lake
Parking: Lago di Carezza (Karer See) Lake

The Nova Levante (Welschnofen) Tourist Bureau has provided us with this hike.
This very Family-friendly hiking trail takes you from the storied Lago di Carezza (Karer See) Lake trough Karerwald forest and back to the starting Point. At the western end of Lake Carezza, Trail No. 8, which leads trough the forest and is also known as the Templweg Trail, begins. The trail starts out flat, running 3 kilometres through the celebrated Karer Forest; you continue trough sunny Meadows and can enjoy the magnificent Panorama during a Little break. At the road fork, follow the trail markings for No. 8A (B), which lead to a small farm; continue on Trail No. 27, towards Latemar sawmill (Sägewerk) and then onto Trail No. 10A, which brings you back to the starting Point of Lake Carezza.

The Zischgl Farms near Nova Levante (Welschnofen)

Fun in the sun on high remote farms with centuries of history behind them

Distance: 8,8 km - Duration: 3:00 hours
Vertical climb: 480 m - Max. height: 1573 m
Starting point: Nova Levante (Welschnofen)
Arrival point: Nova Levante (Welschnofen)
Parking: Parking lot in Nova Levante (Welschnofen)

Trail n. 4D and/or 4/5 starts near the churchyard in Nova Levante (Welschnofen). It leads up the mountain for a Little while until there is a signpost indicating the way left to Schillerhof Farm. Follow this trail to the next junction; here, follow the old brick trail going right (Zischlweg, Trail No. 4) trough the forest to Schillerhof Farm (1555 m, tavern, can also be reached on Trail no. 5 via Wolfgrubenjoch). From here, follow the broader trail n. 1 past Kropferhof Farm, which is situated slightly lower. Take trail n. 4a leading right to Hagnerhof (1556 m, tavern) and on to Jocherhof (1551 m, tavern). From here, trail n. 4F is a good trail and leads down into Hagner Valley and back to trail n. 4d, which takes you back to the trail head. Walking times: Nova Levante to Schillerhof 1 hour, Schillerhof to Jocherhof 1 hour, Jocherhof back to Nova Levante 1 hour.
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