Healthy with the power of nature

Stinging Nettle:
The stinging nettle is a widespread plant and probably one of THE detoxifying plants
at all. Its leaves stimulate metabolism and have a blood purifying and blood forming effect. Its high content of minerals, especially silicic acid and potassium, stimulates kidney activity and has a diuretic effect.
As a spring cure I recommend 1-2 cups of nettle tea daily for about 4 weeks.
For this purpose, fresh or dried crushed leaves with hot water and infuse for 5 minutes. But be careful: Nettle should not be taken permanently because of its strong effect. Who has problems with heart and kidneys, should likewise
do without it!

Dandelion, which contains potassium, also has a pronounced blood-cleansing and diuretic power and is therefore ideal for a spring cure. In addition, it stimulates the digestive organs, kidney and bladder, and - due to its bitter substances - also liver and gall bladder and thus helps to get rid of waste products. The special thing about
Dandelion: Everything about it can be used! The roots for tea or grated as a spice, the leaves for salads and other dishes, the finely chopped stems as a seasoning and the flowers
For syrups and desserts.

Ground ivy:
A member of the labiates family, ground ivy, also known as gundelrebe, is likewise one of the vitalizing spring herbs. It discharges heavy metals and thus has a strong detoxifying function. Its leaves contain particularly high levels of vitamin C and have a blood-cleansing and metabolism-stimulating effect. They support the immune system and keep you fit.

Often cursed as a weed by many garden owners, goutweed is actually one of the most aromatic and potassium-rich wild herbs around. With its high
With its high content of protein, vitamin C and provitamin A and the large amount of water, it deacidifies and activates excretion via the kidneys. So instead of weeding the supposed weed, better use it as a parsley substitute for vegetable and potato dishes, casseroles, soups, egg dishes or as a pesto!

Wild Garlic:
Fresh wild garlic tastes similar to garlic and is especially good in salads,
soups or as a pesto. It stimulates digestion, has an antibacterial effect and helps to eliminate harmful substances via the liver, gall bladder and kidneys.