Pfösl Natura Gin

Together with the distillery Volgger Genuss from Ratschings, our own Pfösl Natura Gin was created in 2022.
We have been trying for some time to create a fine in-house gin with local and sustainably grown herbs.
The idea finally matured quite unexpectedly over a few glasses of gin in Copenhagen. Daniel, sommelier and wine lover, Brigitte, our herbal expert
and Stefan Volgger from the Volgger Genuss distillery philosophized late into the night about possible ingredients and flavor nuances.
Back in South Tyrol, they immediately got to work.
The result of the recipe was finally seven herbs:
Juniper, yarrow, nettle, lemon thyme, lavender, marigold and cornflower - refined with rye malt from the forest shrub.
All ingredients are locally sourced.
The London Dry Pfösl Natura Gin captivates by its slightly bready taste which is due to the addition of rye malt
of the forest shrub during distillation. The herbs give it a floral aroma, the lemon thyme its effervescence.
Look forward to try it here with us, gladly pure or as a gin and tonic. The Pfösl Natura Gin is of course also available in our hotel store.
A must for your home bar ... Cheers!