Pfösl's “Grigio Alpina” oxen

Since 2022 four Grigio Alpina oxen graze on our farm again. This autochthonous South Tyrolean mountain ox breed has a long tradition at Pfösl and was kept for many years mainly for milk production. The Grigo Alpina is robust and adaptable and was very significant for the Tyrolean alpine landscape. As a dual-purpose cattle, it is suitable for both meat and milk production. In the past, it was also often used on farms for haymaking and other work, as is the case with the Pfösl. As with no other breed, regionality, sustainability and tradition are at the heart of Grigio Alpina, which, by the way, has been considered endangered since 2004. For this reason, too, we want to take loving care of our four animals, among other things with plenty of outdoor exercise throughout the year and summer alpine farming.