regeneration 360° in the Pfösl

Healthy nutrition
We take our energy from healthy nutrition. Our well-being and regeneration start with supplying our body with "real" food. For this reason, we attach great importance to high-quality, local and seasonal products in our Pfösl natural kitchen. We go the way of self-production, look carefully for partners who pay attention to fair and species-appropriate production and are happy every time we are allowed to process the valuable products of local farmers from the region to innovative, creative and good dishes. It is our passion to cook naturally. We do it for the sake of our health and our planet.

Physical exercise
Without physical exercise, no health promotion. A healthy lifestyle naturally includes sufficient physical exercise. At the Pfösl, we focus in particular on gentle and mindful movement in nature. Building on many years of experience, we enjoy offering activities that allow our guests and staff to see, hear, feel and smell nature. Whether trekking or biking, yoga or snow hiking. According to our credo, we want to activate all the senses. So we can promote a holistic experience of nature and live touching experiences that bring joy and ease.

Mental balance
Health is also a question of the mind. High-quality regenerative experiences, such as guided meditations, forest bathing, breathing exercises and yoga, are of particular importance to us. This makes it possible to gradually feel a stronger love for ourselves and, consequently, for others. The relaxation sessions, as well as conscious recreation in the naturaspa wellness area with the 35° C warm infinity pool, provide lasting strength and bring body and mind into balance. The acquired mindfulness, the new awareness of well-being, the quality of time and the effect of the energy impulses experienced are the source of an improved quality of life.

The joy of beauty
We understand beauty as an individual aesthetic experience. Architecture, design and the creation of the special Pfösl atmosphere are at the center of our attention. From the extraordinary power and beauty of nature around us, as well as our origins, we take inspiration for all our decisions. The soothing joy and clarity inside is best experienced in a well-kept outside. Through materials, decoration and smells, but also through the contribution of the dear people surrounding us, we love to create an ambience in which everyone can feel comfortable and regenerate.