So much new with us from May 2024


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Our renovation from 18/2/2024 to 7/5/2024 will bring many new Pfösl highlights... Are you curious to see what Pfösl will look like?

Rebuilding update 2024

In order to allow the new, you often have to demolish the old...

...mindfully and carefully and always respectful of nature.
Everything that can still be used will be upcycled and we will use the furniture to refurnish our staff accommodation.

#staytuned...we will keep you up to date!
Update Umbau

Week 1

On Sunday 18.02.2024 there were still so many dear guests in the house and on Monday at 05.30 a.m. the excavators were already on the construction site.
We diligently cleared out the 2 floors before the first walls were torn down in the main building. A little nostalgic...yes, because these rooms were built by our parents in 1996 and we have always lovingly maintained and refurnished them. Now, from May, our beautiful new Pinus nature rooms facing south, our Alpina Cembro aria suites facing west or east and the Arve family suite facing west for all those who like to enjoy the afternoon sun are being built here.

Woche 2

Week 2

A lot has happened this week. Despite the bad weather, we are well on schedule. Currently without a roof in the main building. This is now being renovated and redesigned and, above all, there will then be unique views of nature on the 3rd floor…The new roof, high, airy and elegant, will also give the Pfösl a new architectural image in its exterior façade. From up here you can enjoy a unique panoramic view in all directions.
We have already defined the furnishings in detail... Look forward to local and fragrant stone pine wood, fine natural fabrics in various shades of green here in the main building. We are particularly proud of our new sleeping systems from Simmons Natural Heritage, 100% natural cotton, filled with pure sheep's wool from the South Tyrolean "Villnösser Brillenschaf". For a special sleeping experience in the midst of nature.
Woche 3

Week 3+4

Things are progressing really well on our building site.
The basic structure of our new Eco Lofts is already in soon as the wooden elements are delivered, there will also be a picture with a fantastic view.
Last week we also started work on the new organic panorama pool...we have chosen a really great spot. Here the sun can bring the water to a pleasant temperature. The biopool is surrounded by a beautiful alpine natural pond with watercourses, alpine plants and places to relax...
Week 5

Week 5+6

Despite a lot of rain and bad weather in the last few weeks, things are moving forward. As of today, we have beautiful spring weather and lots of sunshine again.
The first color samples of the new rooms will be available this week...we are very excited!
And you can already see the wooden elements of the new Eco Lofts on the webcam. The wooden elements will be installed this week.
In the meantime, the roof of the main building is already being covered and you can see new shapes in the exterior structure. Be curious, we are too!