Vitalpina Hotels South Tyrol

Vitalpina Breathe - Beyond respiration: Knowing yourself.
“Vitalpina Breathe is a finely tuned program focusing on the breath, with valuable tips for an extra dose of vitality every day. Respiration is a source of vitality. Little exercises have a big impact and, when practiced throughout the day, can lead you on a journey in discovery of untapped inner resources. This is a source upon which you can draw at any time, instantly improving your quality of life. The best thing is to simply try it yourself!”

Vitalpina Herb Power - Beyond wellbeing: Sustainability.
Some 130 species of plant can be found in a healthy South Tyrolean mountain meadow, including many wild herbs that have played an important role in traditional folk medicine for centuries. People who have a close rapport with nature have always felt the subtle vibrations of wild herbs, and love utilizing them during particular yearly or life cycles.

Vitalpina Aroma Concept - Beyond aromatherapy: Joie de vivre.
Our sense of wellbeing starts in our noses. Natural aromas promote free, deep breathing and have a harmonizing effect on the whole organism. Aromas and odors have direct access to the limbic system, and thus to your emotional and hormonal center. The Vitalpina hoteliers actively contribute to your overall sense of wellbeing through attentive interaction with natural aromas.