Individuality and quality

Living individuality means thinking outside the box and not always going with the flow.

Nature and our origins always remain our number one source of inspiration. Design and atmosphere have a special value for us. The power of nature plays a key role and determines all our decisions when it comes to new visions.
Corona in particular has shown us that we no longer want to be swept along by the current of "bigger - better - faster", but that we want to go our own way: more consciously and more mindfully. We focus on the highest quality in all areas in order to offer a new kind of luxury at the Pfösl.
We don't see luxury in material things or hardware, but now even more than ever in special and unforgettable, individual vacation experiences that we can share with our guests. We see true luxury in showing our guests our special place of power, where peace and tranquillity inspire the soul, captivating and inspiring them with our hearts.