Yoga at the Pfösl

Yoga is a holistic way to bring your body, mind and spirit in harmony and by learning specific physical exercises,
breathing techniques and mindfulness practice, it offers you the opportunity to regain peace and serenity in the here and now.
Through relaxation and meditation, you will connect with your inner, natural sources of strength, allowing you to sustainably strengthen your energy, joy and gratitude.

We offer daily yoga sessions in different yoga styles for all in Hatha, Prana Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.

Bernadette Müller, SPA Manager and regeneration trainer

Regeneration for me is to restore the balance in the body every day, on a physical level between active and passive and on a mental level between rest and clear mind, as well as between inside and outside. Also in nutrition, I find it especially important to provide the body with proper nutrients.
Every day I am happy to share all my experiences as a therapist, herb expert, sports coach, and transmit holistic nutrition to our guests.
This way we can recharge our resources to experience the day with new energy and joy.
Evi Pardeller

Evi Pardeller, yogateacher

I found my way to yoga through dancing and discovered a wonderful fusion of dance, meditation and yoga in Prana Flow Yoga. For me, yoga means experiencing myself anew in every moment, exploring and growing. The breath, the music and the movement merge into a flowing river that brings forth a meditation of movement. My mind becomes calm and I can feel myself. Yoga is also a spiritual path for me, a very personal way to inner peace, tranquillity and perhaps even more joy.

Here in Pfösl I teach Kundalini Yoga and Prana Flow Yoga. Each individual is picked up there and accompanied on his/her own path, on which he/she finds him/herself and achieves more inner peace, tranquillity and perhaps even joy. Yoga is not only a practice for me, but a way of life that I like to share and pass on.
Steffi Gruber

Steffi Gruber, yogateacher

For me, yoga is introspection, insight, experience, growth, peace, well-being and cordiality. For me, the Pfösl and yoga are a journey from the head to the heart.
The warmth and flowing energy of this place of power in the yoga classes and in the nature around the Pfösl are a true experience for our body, mind and soul.
Love for our being is lived.
Anna Ananda, yogateacher

Anna Ananda, yogateacher

Yoga, meditations and breathing exercises have been with me all my life - I was very lucky and grew up yogic. How could I not want to share this gift with the world?
Besides that, my passions are found in traveling and learning. This shows in many trainings like: Hatha | Ashtanga | Yin - Yoga and Yoga Nidra, as well as Kundalini Kidsyoga, Yogacoaching and I am a trained vegan nutritionist.
I teach different styles of yoga, incorporating all my knowledge and experience of the last years and travels (to over 20 countries): the main focus point is: YOU, your uniqueness and stillness.
Yoga is for me a remembering, a rediscovery of your own self and a conscious step into love: for the moment, for your body and for yourself.
Yoga is everything for me. Everything is yoga for me. ♥
Eva Zelger, host and yogateacher

Eva Zelger, host and yogateacher

Yoga is for me a path that fills my life extraordinarily and infinitely. A special form of attention that allows me to register and allow every inner and outer experience in the present moment without prejudice.
When I am mindful, I experience that happiness and joy in life are not dependent on external conditions. I develop a clear, stable mind that allows me to stay in touch with my primal power.
Yoga for me is mindfulness, healing, love and lightness.
I teach Prana Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga at Pfösl.
Yoga at the Pfösl

Eva Zelger


We leave the path of being the makers of our own destiny and place ourselves trustingly in the hands of the Most Divine.

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