On the Weißhorn (mountain wandering)

Jochgrimm - Siei Gipfel - Gurndin alm hut- Jochgrimm

The Weisshorn attracts visitors due to the amazing view that it has over the Brenta Paganella, the high Ortler massif, the Tessa group at Merano and naturally the Dolomites. An enchanting experience for all walking enthusiasts!To make this detour, calculate a slightly longer duration time up to the Jochgrimm. From here, only 320 metres in altitude separate you from the summit, the Siei, that you will reach after around half an hour’s steady walk uphill through meadows, larch woods and rocks. On the way back, you will pass in front of the Gurndin hut where you can get something to eat and drink.

Duration of walk: 3 hours
Degree of difficulty: steep but not difficult