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2 adults


Full body massage
Pinewood vital massage
Price: 89.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes
The massage techniques used in the pinewood Vital Massage with warm pinewood rods and pinewood massage milk induce deep relaxation. Heat from the pinewood rods and pinewoods Massage milk penetrate deep into the muscle, improving blood circulation throughout the entire body, promoting the flow of energy and helping to relax tension and blockages.
Trehs® Original Mountain hay massage
Price: 72.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes
On a square meter of alpine meadow you can find up to 80 different grasses, herbs and flowers. A whole panoply of mineral nutrients, essential oils and trace elements as well as egg white and starch characterize the ecological natural substance of mountain hay. These high-energy essential ingredients make them a natural gift for your skin.

partial massage 25 min - 49,00 Euro
Partial massage
Lymph stimulating massage
Price: 49.00 €
Duration: 25 Minutes

Gentle Lightness - Lymph massage
The cosmetic lymph massage is especially recommended for those with tired legs and those with cellulite. This especially gentle massage supports the flow of lymph with gentle pumping actions. The goals of the treatment are lightness and vitality!

Back massage
Dynamic recreation back massage
Price: 78.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes

Effective Finale - Sophisticated Back Program
A reconstructive back treatment with highly effective natural active ingredients and a massage individually tailored to you. Singing bowls and cupping glasses relieve tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. Long lasting relaxation for your back. Free yourself of stress and blockages. Stand up straight!

Foot massage
Dynamic feet & legs massage
Price: 76.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes
Do you spend the whole day on your feet? Pamper yourself with a deep earthy leg massage that loosens the tissue, brings back the blood circulation and makes the head clear. For healthy, recovered, and relaxed feet & legs and a deep mental fitness.
Head massage
Relaxing head neck massage
Price: 78.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes
This unique treatment method with an extraordinary massage and precisely effective plant extracts smoothly releases tensions in the head, neck and shoulder area. Deep contact and a modulated individual treatment technique ensure a pleasant relaxation and a switch off from the stress of everyday life. The microcirculation is stimulated, vessels, sense organs and nerves are strengthened.
Special massages
Revitalizing firming abdomen treatment
Price: 78.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes

Focus on the Core - Stomach Streamlining Program
This efficient body treatment helps to decongest the abdomen, to reduce waist circumference and to streamline the abdominal wall. The goal of this intensive massage is gentle stimulation of the abdominal cavity to improve tone and streamline contours.

Vitalpina Massages
Respiration-rhythm massage
Price: 69.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes
The classic massage is combined with rhythmic techniques. This treatment is coordinating the massage with the respiration of the client. It removes blockades quickly, the respiration becomes deeper and the body gets more oxygen.
Vitalpina relax massage
Price: 74.00 €
Duration: 50 Minutes
A special experience with authentic alpine products. Spoil your body with this ritual and enjoy the miraculous feeling to be completely relaxed and to spoil at the same time your skin.
Vital - leg - massage
Price: 49.00 €
Duration: 25 Minutes
Freshness for tired legs! Strengthens and animates after wanderings and sporty activities. A refreshment and rest for the whole body
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