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South Tyrol Balance- Magical Dolomites

New Paths to Self-Discovery

Between 4 June and 2 July 2016, the Eggental Valley will be holding a series of activities focusing on relaxation. We have create for you three special packages including this activities.

Senses Hike

In our busy, hectic lives, we often do not have the opportunity to take a step back and enjoy the things which are truly important. This guided hike around the Latemar  gives visitors the opportunity to do exactly that.  True to its name, the Senses Hike is a sensory experience: breathe in the unmistakable smell of pinewood forests, touch the waters of cold mountain streams and feel the warmth of the spring sun on your face, listen to the sound of the mountains. The hike includes stops at a number of pretty spots to relax and simply enjoy being at one with nature.

Day and time: Monday 9:30 – 16.30 approx.
Guide: Ursula Thaler

Creativity Workshop in the Forest

Realise your own work of art in the heart of nature
The workshop starts with a walk to the enchanting forest around Deutschnofen/ Nova Ponente, a fabulous source of creativity and inspiration. We will then stop in the forest and set about creating works of art using natural materials. The creative process itself is highly meditative and relaxing, especially outdoors in nature.

Day and time: Tuesday 9:30 – 16.30 approx.
Guide: Simone Lechner

Silent walking tour and refreshing for the legs

Fitness and wellness coach Bernadette accompanied you on this morning walk. The special thing on it…we don’t speak or ask questions, but in the silent we will enjoy the beauty of nature, the sound of water or the music of birds. After this relaxing walk we refresh our legs on the fresh, wet grass.

Day and time: Wednesday 07:00- 09:00 approx.
Guide: Bernadette

Freedom Dance - An easy hike with outdoor dancing

Dancing is the ultimate expression of joy and happiness. Out in the heart of nature we will dance to a selection of music – sometimes relaxing, sometimes powerful – and follow the flow of our movements inspired by the music and surroundings. Dancers are welcome to come alone, in pairs or in groups.

Day and time: Thursday 9:30 – 16.30 approx.
Guide: Ulrike Nagler

Sweat it Out! Energy for Mind, Body and Soul

The “sweat chamber” has a long tradition in many cultures and gives participants a chance not only to sweat out the toxins in their body but also to bond with others and with Mother Earth. A relaxing, cleansing and revitalising experience for mind, body and soul. The sauna session is followed by a vegetarian buffet at the Petersberger Leger Alm hut.

Day and time: Friday 15:00 -21.00
Guides: Alexander Dangl and Alexander Bisan

Respiration and Relax

Bernadette, fitness coach and herb expert accompanied you on this short excursion on the theme “Respiration”. You will collect respiration herbs and Bernadette will explain you the use. She will show you also respiration exercises for the complete relaxing of body and mind. As little present you become a booklet with information’s about respiration.

Day and time: Saturday 09:00- 12:30 approx
Guide: Bernadette

Balance Highlight

Curtain Up! Relaxation in the Latemar Massif
A theatrical hike with a musical finish in Obereggen.

As the sun slowly sets, we will set off on a twilight hike accompanied by the sound of song, wind instruments and drums in combination with theatre and artistic performances. This showcase will take part in an area of the Latemar Massif which is a perfect natural concert hall with excellent acoustics.

Saturday, 26 June 2016
21:00 – 22.30
Obereggen – Mayrlalm – Erzlahn
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