All about smoking

People who smoke incense feel the indispensable power of nature. Smoking is the root of aromatherapy. Through the fragrances that rise during incense burning, a new connection with nature is established.

Smoking has a direct effect on the lymbic system, which serves to process emotions. Smoking affects feelings, thoughts, mood, motivation, willpower, concentration and much more. It also purifies and disinfects the atmosphere. The balsamic scent of the resins and plants creates a relaxing and harmonious mood. Smoking has a stimulating, relaxing, healing, clarifying, invigorating and cleansing effect on the body, mind and soul and increases well-being.
For incense we need an incense burner, mortar for crushing, incense sand, incense charcoal, tongs, incense feather, various resins, dried herbs and plants.

There are several methods of doing this:
Smoking on glowing charcoal: Here aromatic, dried plants and plant parts such as resins, balsams, woods, barks, leaves, needles, roots, flowers and herbs, which are left to slowly glow in a fireproof incense burner on special incense charcoal.

Smoking with the incense burner: A modern alternative to smoking on charcoal are incense stoves. According to the principle of the aroma lamp, the incense substances are placed on a fine-meshed screen, under which a tea light burns, and can then very slowly glow and give off their fine fragrance. Less smoke is produced than when smoking with charcoal. The teapot warmer can be used quickly and is easy to use in everyday life.

Incense sticks, incense cones and incense spirals are another popular type of incense. They are easier to handle, can be taken anywhere and everywhere, create a feel-good atmosphere.

Brigitte's favorite incense blend:
Sage: has a clarifying and cleansing effect
Mugwort: gives energy and strengthens the life force
Alantroot: brings light, brightness and sunshine to the soul
Lavender: relaxing and provides a clear head
Elder: for a homely feel-good atmosphere, makes you calm and confident
Juniper berries: refreshing and purifying
Spruce resin: needle-like, woody scent has a mood-lifting effect