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Where body and soul can blossom

Breathe in the beneficial herbs that are added to our sauna; slip into the refreshing water of our pool; lean back on one of our handmade loungers and savour the beauty of our alpine garden: The cosy atmosphere of our spa hotel in the Dolomites will have an effect on all your senses.

Not only does our naturaspa refresh your body – it also awakens your soul. The view of the surrounding landscape creates the feeling that you’re relaxing in the middle of a mountain meadow. We bring the healing properties of plants to the Pfösl Hotel in the form of natural regional products. That’s the epitome of holistic alpine wellness in South Tyrol.
At one with nature

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Your place of refuge amongst pure nature

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Take some time for yourself now and again.
Simply time to do nothing – to get in touch with yourself and reflect.
That’s the best way to gain strength.

Forest rye
For over five years now we have been growing our own “forest rye”, an old and forgotten grain variety that we for example use on bread-baking days at the Pfösl.
Green electricity
Anything that our own photovoltaic system cannot produce is provided as 100% green electricity through South Tyrolean hydropower.
Zero waste
The shampoos, body and hand washes that we place in the rooms are in solid form, require no packaging, are 100% natural and handmade in South Tyrol.