Naturally with the highest standards of quality

We unite the diversity and fascination of spirits and cocktails with traditional knowledge in our naturabar. So, it’s hardly surprising that naturabar guests enjoy drinks that not only taste good but are also highly exclusive. 

Bar menu

  • We predominantly use premium products of regional origin. If these are not available, we use trans-regional quality products.
  • All drinks are mixed and prepared according to recipes reconstructed by the historian of BarCode International wherever possible and strictly adhere to categories and assembly guidelines.
  • We do not use any colourings, flavour enhancers, chemical additives or other finishing agents in the product.
  • We only use the treasures of nature for our homemade syrups and juices.
  • We guarantee sustainable processes and waste avoidance.
  • We attach great importance to certified staff or staff undergoing training who can give you expert advice.