The expert recognizes priorities on the basis of this unadulterated body language and compares the form and nature of the reactions with the ancient knowledge of the 7 seals of the alche-mists. Subsequently, all perceptions are written down as analytical records on the so-called reaction sheet. You will receive this at the end, as well as your tailor-made work plan for home. The tasks include short, daily mini rituals that vou should integrate into your everyday life with simple and efficient home remedies to ensure the best possible lasting effect.
You decide for yourself whether you want to add certain elements from the SilberQuarzit range as support. If product recommendations are given in the consultations - then always based on the necessity to bring you forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. We distance ourselves from excessive consumption.
We are concerned with effectiveness and efficiency.
Therefore, the language of the SilberQuarzit experts will be real and honest, which of course includes a subjective perception. For this form of "Realtalk" we hereby also issue a trigger hint. Certain topics addressed can have biochemical and emotional triggers. These are always connected to vour life and what you have experienced so far. Exactly these reactions represent mental, emotional, and phys-cal resolution processes and are, based on decades of our empirical experience, the most promising moments.