The Templweg Trail

Water, forest and Vista... A great hike for the whole Family at the Elevation of Nova Levanta (Welschnofen) in the area near the Catinaccio (Rosengarten) and Latemar Massifs

The Nova Levante (Welschnofen) Tourist Bureau has provided us with this hike.
This very Family-friendly hiking trail takes you from the storied Lago di Carezza (Karer See) Lake trough Karerwald forest and back to the starting Point. At the western end of Lake Carezza, Trail No. 8, which leads trough the forest and is also known as the Templweg Trail, begins. The trail starts out flat, running 3 kilometres through the celebrated Karer Forest; you continue trough sunny Meadows and can enjoy the magnificent Panorama during a Little break. At the road fork, follow the trail markings for No. 8A (B), which lead to a small farm; continue on Trail No. 27, towards Latemar sawmill (Sägewerk) and then onto Trail No. 10A, which brings you back to the starting Point of Lake Carezza.