The elemental force of nature

"Our luxury here is the tranquillity and the space, the harmony with the surroundings.

"Bread & Salt"
is the name of the first raised bed, which contains plants that are used in bread baking. Not only caraway, anise, fennel, coriander or bread clover can be discovered by the hotel guests. They can also experience their processing during the weekly bread baking in the 300-year-old stone oven and enjoy tasting the different aromas in the various baked goods.

"Smoke & Blessing"
is the name of a second herb garden protected from grazing cattle by the typical wooden fences. Sage, elecampane, thyme, St. John's wort, mugwort or lavender are planted here. These plants can be smoked to purify the air and improve the atmosphere. At the Pfösl, we actively use the tradition of smoking and experience how positively our guests perceive and enjoy this sensitisation.

"Food & Drink"
the herb garden for culinary and enjoyment plants. Marigold, marshmallow, mint, lemon balm, wormwood and yarrow grow here. They are used by the kitchen team in the herb menus, salads, teas, juices or other treats of the natural and herbal gourmet cuisine.