Wellness Aphrodite 2023

It is with great joy and gratitude that we were chosen as the winner of the Wellnessaphrodite 2023 in the category "OVERALL CONCEPT".
We are so proud of the great appreciation and recognition for our many years of effort in the area of sustainability.
Here is an excerpt of the laudation for Pfösl...
"Anyone who has ever been a guest at Pfösl knows that sustainability really exists here. Here it is a central value. And above all: This is the right place for me, as a guest - because I can feel how all my needs are met in such a way that the balance of nature is always maintained.
At the Pfösl, nature is indeed the teacher for relaxation, recreation, for a real time-out. And the host family looks very closely at nature and at treating it with respect. Because sustainability is not a fad here: it is rooted very deeply in the hearts of the hosts and hostesses. It is their true concern. It is BELIEVED. Above all, the Pfösl understands that sustainability and the guests' happiness are never in conflict with each other.