Sagenwalk Karersee

A beautiful mermaid lived once in this lake. One day the wizard heard the singing of Masaré and felt in love with her. He did everything to win her heart, but he was never successfull. For this reason, he asked the witch Langwerda for help. She gave him the advice to Dress up a jewel Trader and make a rainbow from Rosengarten until the Latemar to attract the mermaid. Then he should go to the lake Karer and abduct Masaré. The wizard did everything she said, but he forgot to Dress up as a jewel Trader. Masaré admired the rainbow and the glisters of the jewels, but in the Minute, she saw the wizard she dived into the lake again. Since tht time, she was never seen again. Because of his huge heartsickness, the wizard broke the rainbow, jewels in many Little pieces and Drops them into the lake. Since this time, the lake Karer glimmers in all Colors of the Rainbow.

This hike brings you from the Passo Costalunga on trail n. 21 trough the Karerforest to the Mitterleger (1840m) on the crossroad take trail n. 11 to reach the Karer Lake. The hike brings you further to trail n. 10a and n. 7 to Nova Levante.