St. Helena Church

Sanctuary with gothic frescos (15. century), charming Location, panoramic view, key to pick up at the Kreuzhof nearby. Accessible also by car

Starting Point: Hotel Pfösl, Nova Ponente
Arrival Point: Hotel Pfösl, Nova Ponente

Different walking trails:

a) From Hotel Pfösl, the second trail on the left side up trough grassland and forests.

b) From Hotel Pfösl along the sidewalk till Café Luise, after the traffic Island turn left to a walking trail (6A,H), after 300 meters turn right (H), after the farm houses continue the trail on the left side up to the hill

c) From Hotel Pfösl cross the main street, first trail down on the left side (6), after 1 km take the right side on the Schlernblick house (beautiful viewpoint), continue right (P). On the Weißbamer Hof up to the right side again.

d) From the Moserhöfen (parking area) trail through grassland, after 500m take left on the barrier (H).