Mindful drinking...

...or enjoyment without alcohol is a trend across all age groups.

For several years now, the bar has exclusively offered drinks without colorants and preservatives. In our naturabar we combine the variety and fascination of spirits and cocktails. So it is no coincidence that our drinks not only taste good, but are also unique. Nature is our focus and of course also in the glass.

Mindful drinking...or enjoyment without alcohol is a trend across all age groups. In Pfösl naturabar Bledi and Patrick surprise you with very special drinks without alcohol.
With homemade syrups from various herbs from our herb beds around the hotel, we create delicious mocktails such as the "Pfösl Garden" which we combine from a homemade herbal syrup, ginger lemonade and lime.

We call the elderberry “black gold”, which we process not only as a blossom but also as a berry into syrup. Its complex aroma paired with tonic water and lime juice results in the very popular "Black & Tonic".

If you like things a little drier and more alkaline, you can also turn to a "wellness drink" like kombucha. Our favorite is the Orange & Rosemary blend from Italian producer VIVI-Ferments. They have managed to bottle this fermented tea drink with aromatics.

Further to the food, the gourmet juices (from Thomas Kohl) are suitable. With fish, you can combine a red apple juice with a slightly higher acidity, and with the delicate venison loin, the currant juice is excellent. Always in the spirit of a non-alcoholic wine recommendation 😉 with the right glass to go with it.

Also after the delicious and healthy dinner from Pfösl natural kitchen, we end the evening at our naturabar with interesting non-alcoholic and creative drinks. These include the non-alcoholic gin and tonic or a bitter made from various roots and herbs...

We are looking forward to spoil you soon at our naturabar!
Bledi and Patrick